A satisfying local shopping experience for a pawn shop.

Created a consistent design system, improved navigation, offered a second hand buying experience.

Sector:Pawn shop
My role:Research, design and prototyping
Project time:6 weeks

Maxilana is a Mexico-based pawn shop, personal loan, and product auction. It has 74 branches in the cities of Culiacán, Mazatlán, Hermosillo, Mexicali, Tijuana and Guadalajara.


Maxilana had a web page that had all the information of its inventories by branch. However, finding the products was difficult. Navigating and finding the actions the user wanted to find was difficult. These factors limited the digital growth of the company.

How could they take advantage of all the infrastructure that they already had built? How could they offer an Omnichannel experience and take advantage of all their branches? How to offer a satisfactory user experience? How to put all their inventory of all their branches to the public?


  • Lack of consistency in the interface.
  • Forms that hindered the result.
  • Difficult to read text formats.
  • Online and in-store sales inventories were separate which made it difficult to find products.
  • Product images weren’t optimized which made them slow to load.
  • Difficulty navigating and finding the information the user was looking for.
Maxilana Pawnshop Old Website


Deliver an amazing user experience and maximize results.

  • Create a design system that is consistent throughout the interface.
  • Give order and coherence to the navigation of the site.
  • Finding solutions as to how products that have different types of inventory such as in-store sale and online sale are going to be sold.
  • Increase users confidence when buying online.
  • Make core conversions friendlier and easier.
  • Offer a satisfying local shopping experience.


Clarifying website’s navigation

To generate smooth navigation in the site, the first step was to generate an inventory of the content that the site should have.
After analyzing all the contents and doing different exercises we reached the conclusion of grouping them as follows: Company, services, branches, legal and resources.


Resulting in two of the main components of the interface, the menu and the footer.

Menu Maxilana
Footer Maxilana


Creating an experience where inventories avalible for sale online and in-store are combined

One of the main challenges of this project is being able to offer a unique experience of selling used auction items. Only some of the products in their inventory are eligible for direct sale online; that is why it is important to be able to show the user the garments that are available locally by adding the products that can be sold online.

Tags Maxilana

In order to educate the user that there are two types of inventories, two indicators were designed that allow us to know if the product is for "home delivery" or "pick up at a branch.".

Product card Maxilana

That is why it was essential to design how the user is going to select the location. In addition to always having access to the menu, a filter was created for the list of products. By default the inventories are always shown combined. Selecting the city filter gives you the opportunity to separate inventories.

Maxilana Filter
Maxilana Loan Calculator

Loan Service

Designing a “Lead Magnet”

In order to attract more prospects for the personal loan service, we created a calculator that helps clients know how much they have to pay and how often.
In addition, when requesting the loan, we gave the user the option for Maxilana to communicate with them or for them as users to directly forward a Whatsapp message to Maxilana to get in touch.


Analyzing all the problems of the old site we discovered that Maxilana had a very good information infrastructure, this allowed us to propose solutions that increased the probability of it being successful. We facilitated the accessibility of the user to request information; added calls to action for customers to communicate on WhatsApp, created an in-store only inventory shopping experience by adding maps to product pages, and made online payments so much easier. I trust that this project will help Maxilana to archive their goals and became a leader in the pawn shop market in Mexico.